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Top 10 Instagrammable Places in Tenby

We have scoured Instagram high and low in search of the most popular Instagram spots in Tenby - and here are the top picks!Labelled one of the most Instagrammable coastal towns in Britain - Tenby has made the Sunday Times’ top 10 for ’best places to live in Wales’.

“From atmospheric alleys and a picture-postcard harbour to its trio of sandy strands, the pride of Pembrokeshire is a seaside resort of real class,” wrote Peter Legg for the national newspaper, bringing special mention to the ‘picture-perfect’ harbour ‘bobbing with boats’, topped by brightly painted high-rise Georgian houses.

“Tenby’s alleys ooze atmosphere and there are jaw-dropping coastal views at every turn, enlivened by castle ruins, an old lifeboat station and, if you’re lucky, a passing porpoise or two.,” continued the article, reserving special praise for the resort’s ‘standout sandy strands’ including Castle Beach - which was also named UK Beach of the Year 2019 by The Sunday Times.

We have scoured Instagram high and low in search of the most popular Instagram spots in Tenby - and here are the top picks!

1. Alleyway between The Lifeboat and The Plantagent

Head to the main square, and when you reach The Lifeboat, turn down the alleyway. This is the perfect way to show off Tenby's 'olde-worlde' vibes; and on a quiet day, you will also have a clear view of the sea in the background.


2. The Bandstand

This is an iconic angle that every tourist needs to see!

Head towards South Beach; before you turn down the ramp towards the sea, take the path to the left and head uphill. From here you have the clearest view of South Beach and the famous Life Boat Station; at sunset you wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

@bailey_thewhitelab @galya.goldberg

3. Colours of the Esplanade

The coloured houses that made Tenby famous. You can't leave this picture-perfect town without seeing these historic buildings for yourself. The pretty pastels will look amazing on your feed too!

@nefertarijoshi @curves.and.campervans

4. Penniless Cove Hill

Head towards Tenby harbour and steer left; this cobbled street will take you down to the boats. This view offers colour, depth and detail; what more could you want on your Instagram feed?

@emshelx @celine.n1

5. Pier Hill

Head towards the harbour, but steer towards the right. Pier Hill will take you on a path headed out towards the sea; in the summer you will find lots of teenagers jumping off the walls into the ocean.

@rahila.catalina @fannigyurics

6. Crackwell Street

Rather than walking through Tenby's high street, stick to the shoreline. It offers great opportunities for candids, and a stunning elevated view over the harbour.

@necklaceofpearl @emshelx

7. Caldey Island

This one requires a bit more effort - but totally worth it. Board a boat on South Beach, and travel over to Caldey Island for some stunning photo opportunities.

@kara_lillian @holleighellis

8. Boat Trip

Arguably, the best view of Tenby is from the sea... and if you're lucky, you might see some dolphins while you're out there! Now that would be great for likes.

@sophiecmdavies @lucy.jamess

9. The Croft *Most Photographed Shot in Wales*

No words needed. If you know of Tenby, you know this picture.

@emilykbur @timwoodfoto

10. Old Stables on Sergeants Lane

This cobbled street will make you feel like you have stepped back in time. Always quiet, and great nautical colours.

@heywoodspahotel @harbwrbrewery

Happy Snapping! xx

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Dec 25, 2022

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