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Happy 5th Birthday Heywood!

We can't quite believe it - but on June 1st we turn 5 years old.

The journey towards the Heywood Spa Hotel you know and love today began in the summer of 2014, when Peter and Claire Nutty stumbled across our beautiful Grade-II listed property.

Claire & Peter Nutty

With no prior experience in the hospitality industry, except for their love of travelling, they envisioned a luxuriously modern space in the heart of Tenby - or as Claire often puts it, her "mini Ritz-Carlton". They knew it would take a lot of work to achieve this dream, so they put their gloves and hardhats on and got straight to work - kicking off phase one of Heywood Spa Hotel's major refurbishment.

Over the past five years, every inch of the hotel has been extensively refurbished. This includes a complete overhaul of all 23-bedrooms, the reception area, reading lounge, bar and restaurant, and the addition of a stylish hair-salon and treatment room. Next on the list is the leisure suite, which is taking place throughout Spring 2019.

Our Transformation (2014 - 2019)

Meet our Team

But behind the bricks and mortar is our passionate employees, and it is their hard work that keeps our guests coming back year after year. It only takes a small group of people, who all share the same drive and passion for their work, to create something really special. We are so thankful so every person who has helped us along this journey, as without you it couldn't have been possible.

Team Heywood, December 2018

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Jun 02, 2019

What a great blog!

Great memories, remember the red carpets!

Great team doing a great job, wishing you all the luck in the world for the next 5 years and more. Nothing will stop us returning again and again.

Congratulations to you all xx

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